Common precision metal mold processing technology

Precision hardware mold processing is a kind of special process equipment to process materials into parts. In the process of precision hardware stamping mold manufacturing and processing, many kinds of processing technology will be used. The processing of processing technology often affects the accuracy and service life of precision hardware stamping mold.

jg coordinate grinding:

jg coordinate grinding using CNC coordinate grinding machine, coordinate grinding machine is developed for the purpose of eliminating the heat treatment deformation of materials, it can grind holes with high precision hole distance and various contour shapes. jg coordinate grinder machining in high precision stamping die processing is often used to process the mold template, processing accuracy is ±0.002mm.

pg optical curve grinding:

pg optical curve grinding is a kind of high-precision curve grinding machine, which reflects the shape of the curve through light refraction. It is generally used in machining surfaces with high precision requirements. High precision parts of the groove, internal and external R, complex shape and size requirements of the tool, etc., in the high precision metal stamping die processing is mainly used for knife edge, punch, punch and other parts processing, precision, high finish.

Oil cutting wire processing:

Oil cutting slow wire processing is widely used in high precision metal stamping die and parts processing, Dongguan Honglin Precision Die Co., LTD. Oil cutting processing can be φ0.02-φ0.07 line slow wire, dimensional tolerance ±0.001mm, coaxiality within 0.0015, roundness 0.001mm, surface roughness Ra0.05, In high precision metal stamping die processing is mainly used in block, strip, mold parts processing.

Precision mold processing technology:

Die motherboard processing process: CNC milling machine processing - vacuum heat treatment - ultra cooling treatment (stress removal) - precision grinding (flatness +-0.002) - slow wire cutting -JG hole grinding - product detection, these seven processes are fully qualified before the mold set up.

Parts processing technology: CNC slow wire cutting (ordinary parts soaking machine, important parts using oil cutting), PG optical curve grinding, precision grinding processing technology, parts engineering accuracy can be controlled +-0.001mm.